Situational Awareness & Behavioral Analysis Training

We live in an advanced, modern, and technological society where everybody’s attention is focused on their mobile phone or device and is paying attention to everything that is happening to everyone everywhere whether Hollywood, on the professional sports arenas or countless other distractions and noise from unlimited venues of the internet and social media. However, these same individuals that are all around us have no idea what is happening around them which makes them prime targets for human predators seeking to victimize honest people that just aren’t aware of what is going on around them. Sound all too familiar? Hitting close to home perhaps?

This doesn’t have to be the case. Dynamic response Solutions trains both individuals and organizations the principles of recognizing what is happening both in the near proximity within five to 25 feet as well as monitoring electronic information about where you should or should not go given real-time events. It’s 360 degrees, it’s every day and it’s rejecting a typical denial that bad things just can not happen to you or your organization.

Using Behavioral Analysis, Dynamic Response Solutions trains people to recognize physical and interactive attributes of potential threats by identifying anomalies to normal conduct in relation to your location or activity. Knowing how to identify characteristics of people or their actions that are out of place can provide the priceless commodity on a day when your life or the life of others is in jeopardy…TIME. Time to decide what to do. Time to avoid a situation. Time to contact authorities or time to act before what is about to happens takes place.

This is classroom instruction with vignette roleplay and real-world video examples.

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