Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Course (USCCA)

Defensive shooting training classes

Dynamic Response Solutions offers certified United States Concealed Carry Association (USSCA) curriculum. The Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Course provides training that synchs the mind and body to respond to dynamic critical incidents.

The USCCA curriculum is reality-based as it uses empirical evidence of actual events. It is intuitive by using how the body works naturally and emphasizes efficient skill development with minimal resource investment.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Working well with what the body does naturally
  • The Balance of Speed and Precision
  • Stnace and Movement
  • Ready Positions
  • Fundamentals of Intuitive Defensive Shooting

There are no classroom portions of this training as all of it takes place on a range environment.

Range Packing List:

  • Firearm and Ammunition
  • Eye and Hearing Protection
  • Weather appropriate apparel

This training is ideal for individuals or groups of all types to learn concepts of taking advantage of what the body naturally does to defend oneself and others.

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