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A Solid Solution to the Active Shooter Threat in America; Mitigating Tragedy through Increasing Survivability!

The most entrusted of our leaders cannot provide the answers to the Active Shooter Threat so long as they continue to ask the wrong questions. To this threat in particular the questions “Why is this happening to me?” or “Why is this person doing this?” are not the correct questions. In fact, these questions are irrelevant and could not be further from a solution critically needed in that moment of danger. The proper questions are “What do I do?” “Where do I go?” and “How do I ensure that I survive?” American citizens in the workplace deserve sound reasoning, actionable options, and innovative response plans to address this undeniably Low Probability, High Impact risk. This violent event threatens to shatter not only the lives of workers, employees, associates, and their loved ones but also the very solvency of the company itself.

The last two decades have documented Active Shooter Events as they increased in frequency and intensity. In 2000 the FBI reported one Active Shooter Event. However, in the last 20 years there has been 333 Active Shooter Events with 2020 registering a record 40 in that year alone. While corporate America is finally recognizing the physical and liability hazards associated with the Active Shooter and Workplace Violence threats, the common Active Shooter Training for its workforce is fundamentally and tragically flawed.

Most of the plans, standard operational procedures and policies are asking the Wrong Questions and not surprisingly producing the Wrong Answers. While government and public institutions continue to rely on false premises and obsolete response methods its time that the private business sector take the lead by enacting response plans that enable a rapid and effectual response to an Active Shooter Event. Continuing to “Check the Block” with ineffective Active Shooter Event training programs such as the Department of Homeland Security’s “Run, Hide, Fight” leave innocent Americans susceptible as victims from a position of vulnerability.

The Dynamic Response Solutions Active Shooter Recognition and Response curriculum removes the dilemma of businesses providing impractical and outmoded Active Shooter Training or simply denying the threat by hoping that such a tragedy JUST COULDN’T HAPPEN HERE.

Dynamic Response Solutions offers two dynamic and distinct programs to corporations, companies and businesses that empowers their greatest assets, their skilled workforce, their Human Capital to survive and thrive from a position of advantage!

The ADVANTAGE OF ACTION Active Shooter Response Platform (EVACUATE, RESIST and REVERSE)

This innovative course instructs employees in the event-based competent response to an Active Shooter or Workplace Violence Event. It embraces the overall precedence of potential violence at work by using inherent strengths afforded to employees by the Quality of Quantity. This course provides employees with distinguishable predetermined actions for survival as well as resourceful alternatives to becoming a victim. The Advantage of Action Platform unpacks the wrong assumption that the person committing an act of violence is predominant. It focuses on survival through both preventive physical security fundamentals and assertive reactive measures. The Advantage of Action curriculum mitigates the risk of tragedy through presenting objective advantages possessed by employees that are committed to surviving an Active Shooter Event by reversing an attacker’s initiative.

The R-E-D3 Active Shooter Response Platform (RECOGNIZE, ENGAGE, DENY, DISRUPT, and DEFEAT)

The founders of Dynamic Response Solutions are both retired Army officers with extensive expertise in Physical Security, Force Protection and Antiterrorism. After a tragic Active Shooter Event directed against two Reserve Component military facilities in Tennessee in 2015, they were responsible for transforming the Army and Air Force Active Guard and Reserve Program in South Carolina from an unprepared organization obligated to proficiency of local First Responders, to an initiative-taking Active Shooter Response contingency.

While developing the Contact Response Doctrine the founders of Dynamic Response Solutions recognized that the levels of competency of military office workers, mechanics, or other employed positions had more in common with their civilian counterparts than just the risk of becoming victims. A vetted number of these professional servicemembers proved exceptionally capable of completing their assigned duties and responsibilities while also trained in behavioral analysis, situational awareness, heuristics, kinesics, anomaly recognition, and rapid kinetic response as a discrete internally manned and professionally trained concealed carry asset. At that time standing policies prohibited firearms or other weapons in the military workplace with merits of its own. However, when thoroughly vetted and professionally trained by State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) these military employees became an internally manned rapid response option to prevent an Active Shooter or Insider Threat.

The R-E-D3 Active Shooter Response Platform is tailored to but not exclusively for small businesses and companies. Enterprises that have a seasoned and tenured employee staff with ethical wisdom and practical ability to be accountable to carry a firearm or other potentially lethal weapon to protect the workforce. Ideally these individuals are the managers or supervisors of sound judgement or otherwise appropriate responsibility to be considered for this additional duty of paramount importance.

R-E-D3 uses the tenets of this Protection Mindset theory to Recognize a potential threat in the baseline of their daily work environment. Who knows how best to identify what is out of place, unusual, or abnormal than these specifically selected associates? Engage the mind using reason to logically determine the facts and context of the situation and if necessary, engage the threat. To Deny an Active Shooter or Workplace Violence actor the ability to have access to unsuspecting or surprised employees concentrated in confined areas or in groups. Then Disrupt the actions of an attacker through methods trained by Dynamic Response Solutions, and finally Defeat the threat through the appropriate and legal application of necessary force.

The benefits of a solid R-E-D3 contingency program are innumerable. In addition to a heightened consciousness of internal capability and deterrence, it defines a selective group identity and mutual moral values of individuals that are members of the R-E-D3 team. The location, isolation, and engagement procedures instructed by Dynamic Response Solutions mitigate misidentification risks of First Responders arriving misinformed from their dispatcher. It eliminates the uncertainty of external agencies’ abilities to rapidly respond to an emergency Active Shooter assistance call. The FBI cites the national average for law enforcement response to an Active Shooter from 9-1-1 call to threat neutralization at 18 minutes and 20 to 22 minutes for Emergency Medical Technicians. The FBI also states that 69.4% of Active Shooter Events are over in five minutes or less. R-E-D3 facilitates immediate care to any wounded employees that cannot receive emergency medical care until law enforcement has declared the scene ‘secure.’ The lack of facility or floorplan familiarity by First Responders is eliminated by an internally manned R-E-D3 element.

R-E-D3 training covers not only threat recognition and response techniques but also de-escalation strategies when feasible and appropriate. Dynamic Response Solutions is staffed by:

  • Firearms instructors certified in Defensive Shooting Fundamentals
  • State Law Enforcement trained in close quarter lethal engagement techniques
  • Department of Defense qualified Common Faculty Development Program Instructors
  • Tactical Weapon Instructor certified on collapsible batons, restraints and high lumen flashlights by Armament Systems and Procedures

Most importantly Dynamic Response Solutions provides the option for externally evaluated recurring firearms qualification and records maintenance for its clients.


Countering an Active Shooter or Workplace Violence Threat requires an Act of Courage. It is an Act of Courage to immediately and effectively respond at the origin of the attack instead of waiting for someone else to come to your aid.

It is an Act of Courage as a business proprietor or partner to create a thorough Active Shooter Response Plan. A plan for your associates and your company to SURVIVE! Have you considered:

  • How comprehensive is your Active Shooter Training Curriculum?
  • Is your Active Shooter or Workplace Violence policy integrated with local First Responders?
  • What percentage of your workforce will return to work post-tragedy?
  • Will your Active Shooter Plan withstand the scrutiny of litigation?
  • Does your company General Liability Insurance Policy cover an Active Shooter Event?
  • Is there a business continuity plan if the facility or offices remain closed for an extended period?

When your company is inclined to take an immediate and effective Act of Courage to ensure its continued survivability by providing its employees options to dramatically alter the outcome of a catastrophic event, please contact Dynamic Response Solutions for a vulnerability assessment and consultation.

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