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In the last two decades Active Shooter Events (ASE) have increased in frequency and intensity. In 2000 the FBI reported one ASE. However, in the last 20 years there has been 333 ASE with 2020 registering a record 40 in that year alone. While Active Shooter Awareness Training for individuals, schools, and businesses is certainly valuable, a stark reality remains; these catastrophes will continue to occur until the real issue is addressed – Public institutions and private businesses must enact response plans that enable a rapid and effectual response to an ASE. Using ineffective ASE programs such as the Department of Homeland Security’s “Run, Hide, Fight” continue to leave innocent people to be left susceptible as victims from a position of vulnerability.

What if there was an Active Shooter response concept that empowered people from a position of advantage? Enabling them to TAKE ACTION - reversing the mindset of an Active Shooter from predator to prey? There is just such a response model and it’s taught by Dynamic Response Solutions.

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Barry Ramey and Seth Horrell are the founders of Dynamic Response Solutions, LLC and have been instrumental in the development of Active Shooter response programs for the US Military. As administrators, training cadre, and Program Managers they recognized that corporate America remains defenseless to the Active Shooter threat and is in dire need of just such a program. Furthermore, they understand that the Soldiers they trained to TAKE ACTION against Active Shooters routinely had no more preparatory training than most civilians. Additionally, they saw that Active Shooter contingency training principles were not exclusive to the military office worker, training sergeant or mechanic but was a modular concept well-suited for enabling businesses, houses of worship, and private citizens to protect their most precious resource - their employees, parishioners and family members.


Countering an Active Shooter or a violent threat requires an act of courage. It takes a deliberate act of courage to immediately respond to the origin of an attack and it takes superior training to do so effectively. Dynamic Response Solutions is in the business of providing professional instruction for those who would answer that call.

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