Private Firearms Instruction

private firearms training classes

Just bought a firearm and you really want to learn how to use it but you’re just not into training with people you don’t know? Perhaps you’ve been putting off increasing your personal preparedness by learning Situational Awareness but now you’re ready? Has it been a while since you’ve been interested in firearms but now you want to achieve the next level? We get it! Dynamic Response Solutions has Private Instruction available for you, your family, your group, or your organization exclusively.

private shooting classes

Dynamic Response Solutions knows that integrating someone’s purpose to their security provides fulfillment and we are prepared to bring professional but personal training to you where you are. We specialize in combining what people understand to concepts that they’re not familiar with to stimulate learning. Our instructors tailor Private Instruction to the requirements of our clients with the Three Disciplines of the Everyday Carry Lifestyle (Mindset, Mechanics, and marksmanship) always included.

Private Instruction is available on a wide range of topics that are essential to a person’s security.


  • Situational Awareness, Behavioral Analysis, Heuristics, Proxemics, Biometrics, Do’s and Don’ts for personal protection in public and at home, the dangers of Denial, the OODA Loop Process, Cooper’s Colors, Avoiding Violence through preemptive Threat Recognition and Training for “most likely vs Most Dangerous”, De-escalation Techniques and Avoiding Lethal Confrontations


  • Fundamentals of Firearms Safety, Firearms 101 (types, firing systems and cleaning), Pistol Caliber “Stopping Power” and Terminal Ballistics, Concealment Techniques, Gear, Holster Types, Carrying Locations, Lethal Engagement Principles and Shooting to Stop the Threat
  • Essentials of Effective Shooting: Proper Stance, Effective Grip, Sight Picture, Sight Alignment and Proper Trigger Press, Presentation and Holstering from Concealment, Assembly and Disassembly, Proper Loading, Unloading and Malfunction Clearing Procedures

Carbine, Shotgun and Rifle:

  • Fundamentals of Firearms Safety, Truing your Rifle, Understanding Minutes of Angle, Ballistics, Carrying Methods and Rapid Acquisition Techniques
  • Close Quarter Combatives, Home Defense Choices, Medium to Long Distance Shooting, Cleaning, Assembly and Disassembly

Home Defense and Personal Safety:

  • Fundamentals of Firearms Safety, Creating a Home Defense Response Plan, Tactics for Confined Spaces
  • Avoiding a Lethal Confrontation, Firearms Retention, Alternative Weapons

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