Active Shooter Training

Despite the fact that Active Shooter Events (ASE) gain massive media coverage corporations and individuals still tend to be in denial that an Active Shooter situation could confront them. DRS offers training to counter the Active Shooter Threats (courses that train armed Protectors to aggressively interdict an Active Shooter). We also offer classes that can prepare you and your family/co-workers/church members to survive an Active Shooter Event through gaining the right perspective and mindset. These training events can be tailored for your specific organizational goals. Below are some of the options:

  • Active Shooter threat familiarization and history
  • The Protector Mindset / Contact Response Doctrine
  • Situational Awareness / Behavioral Analysis Training
  • Firearms (pistol) training and certification: Safety, function, ballistics, firing drills, malfunction drills, speed drills, and individual training plans
  • Range live-fire drills
  • Basic Triage / Medical Training
  • Maintaining Individual Skills: Training for students to maintain their skillsets

These classes are also integrated into our Modern Armed Citizen (MAC) 4-tiered Program as well.

Please contact us for more information on an initial program consultation.

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